MiroPure 2 in 1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush


This hair straightener brush is the solution of all my problems and nightmares. The thing is that I have a very thick and curly hair and always had problems when straightening it. The entire process was a complete struggle. I have tried a dozen of products and gave a lot of money in order to make the ironing easier, but nothing helped. I was looking through hair straighteners online and this brush took my attention thanks to the heat resistant glove on the photo, since I always end up with many burns on my fingers because I always adjust the heat to maximum with the aim to speed up the ironing process.  I checked the reviews for the brush and saw a huge number of positive comments and images of smiley faces with straight hair and decided to give it a chance.

The shipping wasn’t very long, it took around 3 weeks. I must admit that I was eagerly waiting for the brush to arrive, all my hopes where in it. When it came, I was amazed. I am completely happy with the purchase and don’t regret the given money. It was totally worth it.  The brush came in a fancy dark box, well packed and without any damages. Inside the box where the brush, an elegant carrying bag, a user manual and the very desired heat resistant glove. Previously I was straightening my hair for about 40 minutes, and with this brush I have a completely straight and shiny hair in just 15 minutes. This saves me a lot of time in the morning when I prepare for work.

The user manual says to adjust the heat on 230 degrees for extremely curly hair, like mine, but it straightens fast and perfectly even on 200 degrees.  The heat up time is very fast and the cooling is fast too. My hair looks better when compared to the results I was getting from the other hair straighteners, it makes it shiny and smooth. The best thing is that I never burn my scalp when using it, and the usage of the heat resisting glove makes the straightening process fun (even I don’t know why).

My finals words are that since I met this brush, I will never go back to the traditional way of straightening the hair. I am totally amazed from its functionality and remarkable results. My mother and sister also like it a lot, and it became our most powerful hair styling weapon. I gladly recommend this hair straightener brush to everyone. Believe me that this is the product that you are looking for. Once you have it, you will never let it go. It is certainly the best hair straightener available on the market. If you are not in a need of a hair straightener than you can gift it to someone who has problems with their curly hair. They will be grateful to you their entire life.

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