Coaster Home Furnishings 50018 X-Shaped Bench Ottoman Review

Although this states that it is an ottoman I would not use it as that because that is not what it looks like.  It looks more like a little bench you would sit on or something that you might find in a motel upon which you would sit your suitcase.  The seat is covered in a brown and white cow print and the legs/base are made of chrome metal.  The material has a soft textured velvet field so it is soft to sit on.  It measures 20 x 20 x 18 inches and only weighs sixteen pounds.  It is a very unique item.  I have it sitting in my entrance hall as a place to put my purse, brief case or even my jacket.  I also have a second one that sits under my bay window where my cat likes to sit and sleep in the sun.  She loves the feel of the bench.


It is also comfortable to sit on although it may not look it.  It is a sturdy bench ottoman but it is a little high to be a comfortable ottoman with my squishy couch cushions.  On a couch with firm cushions, it might be a good ottoman but with my couch, your feet stick up and block the view of the television.  That is one reason I put it in the entrance hall.  I am getting ready to purchase another one as a housewarming gift.  They always admired the two I have so now that they are moving into a new house this would make the perfect gift.

I give this five stars because of the quality of the bench ottoman.  It was very easy to put together and you did not need any special tools to assemble it either.  If you get tired of the cow print, you can always make a new cover for the cushion but I like the cow print.  A friend has one of these and she loved the piece but not the cow print after she got it so she made a new cover for it.  On the site where I purchased this bench ottoman everyone was giving it a five star rating also because of the same things I gave it five stars for.

This is a great piece for a child who is going off to college and needs a small bench for visitors to their dorm room to sit on.  It can also double as a table to put their books on. It is very versatile.  You can use this for so many different purposes, which is one of the many reasons it is such a popular seller.  I am really happy with it and highly recommend buying it.  You will be surprised at how well it fits in with most décor.  I have a brown couch and it goes great with it.  Weighing only sixteen pounds, it is very easy to move if you need it in another room.   Make sure that you check it out.

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